About Us

TAGLIONI is a high-end ready-to-wear brand founded in Paris, France. Combines avant-garde fashion and diversitied aesthetics, TAGLIONI is luxurious and emotional work.

Fusing minimalist silhouette with romanticdecoration techniques, TAGLIONI represents balance, freeness and strengths.

Creative Director Zhao Lijie graduatedwith a bachelor's degree in Creative Tailoring from the former Paris Fashion Union (now merged with the French Fashion institute) in 2018, and with a master'sdegree in Fashion Institute in 2021. The designer worked as a menswear intern at CEDRIC CHARLIER and LANVIN, During her postgraduate years,she collaborated with Acne Studio on a capsule collection. Her final proiect was withPeelsphere,an eco-friendly fabric studio n Germany, and her work was feathered in Vogue magazine.And was praised by the French First Lady Brigitte Macron.

TAGLIONI's style is provocative. The designer explores the female body and consciousness through a unique perspective. She is good at using feathers and wide-range of materials to reconstruct the layers of high-end fashion through theminimalist lenses, and create a contemporary female image with resilient vet eminine styles.